Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Waiting Game.

My creation
My pregnancy according to Photo Booth. 

Today marks my 39th week of pregnancy. Which makes my due date exactly one week away.

How am I feeling?

I am excited, but I am actually in no rush to have this baby. I hear labor sort of hurts, so why wish  that upon myself? Plus, I'd like to be able to celebrate Mike's birthday next Tuesday. I have a feeling this baby won't arrive until at least a few days after my due date, anyway. I'm not sure if you can really anticipate when your baby will come, which is sort of awesome, if you ask me. Going into labor is one of the remaining mysteries of life, and I'm surprised to find myself embracing the mystery. When I first went to the midwife at eight weeks pregnant, I was given a due date based on the embryo's size, but even then - it's perfectly normal and healthy for a baby to be born two weeks on either side of your due date. And your doctor can check your dilation and guess when you might go into labor - but you can be dilated a centimeter or two and not go into labor for a week.

Quite a few women have said to me, "I'm praying you don't go a day past your due date!" or "Hope for your sake you go into labor tonight!" I try to tell them I'm doing okay, really. Being pregnant isn't so bad. And I know my baby will be here eventually. Why are you people trying to make me impatient and whiny?

To be honest, I am mostly anxious to stop working. My long commute is sort of killing me - I don't sleep well all night, then have to wake up before dawn to drive an hour to work. Once I get to work, all is well - I am surrounded by wonderful people who care about me so much. I'm constantly being complimented and fussed over, and everyone seems to be bubbling over with excitement and happiness for me.  I'm also blessed in that I really enjoy what I do. Though, being at home all day, cleaning and cooking and and sewing and getting ready sure does sound more appealing than sitting down for hooouuurs on ennnnnd and planning for projects that are happening while I'll be gone.

Not to mention the constant (well-meaning) comments I get at work, like "You're still here?!", "I thought you'd be home with your baby by now!", "No baby yet?!", or "What are you doing here?!"

I am totally at peace with the idea of going a week or more past my due date (especially if it didn't include the whole having-to-go-work bit), but these comments make me want to have the baby just so I don't have to face them every day.

Waiting is just part of the whole baby deal. And so, I wait. Without really having to wait. Keeping myself busy with work, design work, baking muffins, and spending time with my wonderful husband.
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