Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warning: Lots of Gushing Ahead.

It's better than I ever thought it could be.

Nap time.

I could write a million words about how much we love our little Gabriel, how unexpectedly wonderful life is with a newborn baby, how in love we are with his little toes, his kissable lips, his big eyes, and how sweet his snuggles are.

I can't imagine being happier or more content than I am right now.

I'm normally level-headed and reasonable and not one to gush, but there is just something about becoming a mom that is amazing. I honestly didn't expect to get so charmed by this little person.

His stretching face.

I don't even care if I smell like milk and am in desperate need of a shower (despite taking more showers now than I did before having a baby). And most of my clothes (and our bedsheets) are covered in pee, spit up, or milk. Our life is little and simple - I spend my days changing diapers and doing laundry and cooing at the baby and cleaning the apartment and feeding Gabe and stealing naps with him. It's wonderfully low-key and exciting all at once. It's like part of me I didn't know I had has been missing, and now, he's here.

Those lips.

I am happy to say that Mike and I are a great pair. We don't often get annoyed or lose our patience with Gabriel, but when we do - we just trade off. Mike is an amazing father. I love to watch him dote on Gabriel - telling him how cute he is, how much he loves him... It's adorable. I was afraid the opposite would be true, but we seem to be growing even closer as a couple by taking care of this awesome little guy.


So, I guess you could say things are going really well.  The whole sleep thing isn't too bad - I'm about as tired as I was in my last month of pregnancy. Instead of waking up in the middle of night, unable to fall back asleep and staring into the dark - I get to stare in my little boy's eyes as he nurses. It's so much better.
Baby smiles. :)

Our little boy is growing before our very eyes. At his first doctor's appointment - he'd grown an inch and gained nearly a pound in just six days. We're get a hang of the nursing thing (hooray!). I love being able to comfort my sweet little boy by feeding him. Not to mention the awesome hormones that come when you're breastfeeding (and the calories burned. Woo!) 

I am almost back to normal. I've been doing some moderate exercising and feel so much better than I did a week ago. It's amazing how quickly the body is able to heal from something as intense as childbirth!

Family's first walk.
Our first walk as a family. Mike is totally rocking the Moby wrap, right?
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