Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Early Birthday Present: HELP.

I am getting a hair cut at a Real Hair Place for the first time in years.

(I haven't even had a hair cut, period, in a year.)

I turn 26 next Thursday, so your birthday present to me can be to tell me what I should do. How should I get it cut? Should I just get a trim? How should I style it? WHAT DO I DOOOO WITH THIS HAIR?

Please tell me. You're so good at that, Internet. And I'm terrible with all this kind of stuff. HALP.

Bonus points if you include links to photos and/or the exact words I can tell the hair dresser. (Or is it called a stylist? I HAVE NO IDEA. I don't get my hair cut often, you know.)

Here's what my hair looks like:

Au Natural.
Au natural.

The Usual Styles.
My usual bag of tricks. I'm not too creative.

Annnd, the Straight.

- I have a newborn and I am low-maintenance, anyway. Plus, I'm styling stupid. So minimal hair styling desired.
- My hair is pretty thick, course, and wavy. I'd love if I could figure out how to wear it naturally.
- I often straighten it, and most of the time I pull it half-up. I sometimes let it be wavy, but it's pretty frizzy unless I put mousse in it.
- I really, really want to be able to pull of bangs, but I have cowlick on either side of my forehead, which puts a damper on things.
- I like it long, but am open to cutting it all off.  

Annnd, GO!
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