Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Month.

1 month.

- is adorable and perfect and wonderful. Obviously.
- resists sleep like no other when he's tired. It's such a sad thing to see a baby crying because he's tired. Just let yourself fall asleep, baby!
- has grown insanely this month. According to my scientific way of weighing him (holding him while I stand on the scale, then subtracting my weight), he's gained more than three pounds! 
- seems to be getting into a bit of a sleep routine. Most nights he goes to sleep around 10 or 11, then wakes up at 12am, 3am, and 6am to eat. We can usually get him to fall back asleep pretty easily now, which means we're not too sleep-deprived. Can I get a 'WOOHOO!'?
- projectile spit-ups like crazy. CRAZY. 
- seems to have a sixth sense for when we think he's going to sleep or done being fussy. Just when we're all, "There he goes! Time to clean the kitchen/take a shower/take a nap/go to bed/drink some wine," he starts fussing it up again. Good thing I think he's cute even when he's fussy.
- loves lamp. Nothing makes him happier than staring at the lamp on my nightstand. If he's awake after a feeding, he'll just stare at it contentedly. I try turning off the light and he'll cry until I turn it back on. What a weirdo.
- sounds like this when he sleeps.
- loves tummy time and baths. His whole body just relaxes when he hits the warm water.
- gets swaddled A LOT. Baby straight jackets FTW!
- has outgrown multiple outfits. And one of his swaddles. I am going to take my baby to kindergarten next week. *sob*


- love being a mom more than I could have imagined.
- am still 8 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, but fit into all my old jeans. I'll take it.
- said I wouldn't do this again when I was in labor. After a few days of enjoying sweet newborn snuggles, I declared I wanted to do this a dozen more times.
- am full-on addicted to Gabriel. Since I enjoyed pregnancy and had a fairly easy adjustment to taking care of a newborn, I'm afraid this means I might just indulge my desire to have a slew of children.
- don't even want to think about going back to work. (Even though I definitely miss my co-workers.)
- am not squealing over his cuteness every time I look at him anymore. It's more like 75% of the time these days.
- am able to stick a pacifier in his mouth while driving and have nursed him in the backseat of the car in the Target parking lot several times. I feel like a Real Mom.
- adore the mornings after he eats at 6am. I unswaddle him and drape his little body over mine and we fall back asleep together for a few hours.
- cried watching this week's episode of Project Runway when (spoiler alert!) the designers' moms came to visit. Because, dude, they were so happy to see their moms. I am a mom. I hope Gabriel is that happy to see me when he's older. Wait. That means he won't always live with us. He's going to grow up. MAKE IT STOP.
- am a parent and feel like a parent, but find it weird when I call myself a parent aloud. I asked Mike last night if it was weird to be married to a mom. :)
- love this, this (the book, too!), and any books by them. I am surprised by how much I want to read about parenting. 
- feel like the best mom ever when I can get to him to stop crying and feel terrible when I can't.
- take entirely too many photos of this little munchkin:

Not always happy. :)
IMG_0650Lumping on Dad.
Typical morning.
 The two guys I love most.

[More photos here.]
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