Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Months.


- is smiling and giggling constantly.
- does cry, but never for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
- continues to sleep longer at night (3-4 hours at a time) than during the day (45 minutes at most), praise the Lord!
- was a dalmatian for Halloween. Oh my cuteness.
- is looking less like a scrawny infant and more like a round little baby.
- might possibly have OCD. He was born on his due date (the first of the month, no less), weighed 10 lbs. 10 ozs. at his one month appointment, and weighed 12 lbs. 12 ozs. yesterday at his two month appointment.
- is quite the chubster- at the 75th percentile for weight and only 50th for height.
- is already wearing some 3-6 months clothes. At two months old.
- will be taller than me, according his doctor. Thank goodness. I'm 5'1."
- tries to talk to us when we talk to him. It's adorable.
- went on his first road trip last weekend - driving across the state to Mike's parents. Despite having to schlep an entire carload full of stuff for TWO DAYS (babies have too much stuff), he did a great job traveling.
- stares intently at us when we talk, and smiles and kicks his legs excitedly when he recognizes us. Nothing makes me feel as special as my baby recognizing me.
- could be a baby model, I'm told. Maybe he can be the bread-winner of the family?
- laughs when we tickle him, talk to him, or play with him. It's so much fun.
- had his first sick baby visit and got his first prescription. A crappy milestone, but still a milestone!
- is special, according his doctor. He said that the vast majority of two-month-olds are not nearly as interactive as he is, and that we should "realize how special he is," because he "hardly ever sees this." Like I needed a doctor to tell me that. (But, of course, I'm a proud mama who tells him how big his brain must be. Heh.)

- am not so much sleep-deprived as much as brain-dead. 
- am madly in love with this baby. 
- am surprised that my baby is so big since I was always pretty small and scrawny.
- continue to struggle to lose those last eight pounds. And by 'struggle,' I mean, of course, that I'm buying Halloween candy on clearance at Target, baking these cookies, and never exercising, ever.
- have been (jokingly) asked if I had a surrogate. Quite flattering, in light of the fact that I still don't fit in all my pants.
- am wondering when I'll have time to keep my apartment clean, not to mention cleaning out the closets and dusting I nesting finally?
- may be busy, but am using my time at home to the fullest by cooking and baking. This may also be a culprit of that whole 'baby weight' thing.
- am already wistful that I'll never again experience being pregnant and becoming a mother for the first time. It's so freaking awesome.
- was Pam Beesly-Halpert for Halloween. (Pam and I have way too much in common, including the whole graphic design thing and having a surprise baby.)
- am bummed that it's so much colder and walks are just not happening anymore. 
- was told that I'm not allowed to get any professional baby photos taken, since we're poor. So I've taken it upon myself to become Gabe's personal photographer. I think I'm getting quite good at making him look as good on camera as he does in person. 
- am realizing what parenting style I am, and that is Laid Back. We have no schedule, I have no idea how often he eats, or sleeps. When our parents watch him, I have no set instructions like, "Feed him every two hours. He goes to bed at 8:30. Change him every three hours." I tend not to worry too much, which is odd, since I am a hardcore worrywart.
- am absolutely in awe that my body created this little being from scratch and is responsible for his chubby thighs. The human body is amazing.
- love cloth diapers. And seriously need to post about them.
- am wondering where the heck this year has gone. It's November?!

Hey, good lookin'.


Puppy Boy.

Little Smile.

I want his eyelashes.

October love.Jus' Happy.

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