Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome to our little apartment.

I am a voyeur. It's part of the reason I adore reading blogs. (And part of the reason I end up going through 120 photos of the wedding of someone I don't know on Facebook....voyeurism can become stalking if you're not careful.)

I've loved when others have shared little bits of their home on their blogs, so I decided to do the same. Since you already know so much about my life, it only makes sense to share what it looks like! I don't claim to have any decorating sense (since everything we have is hand-me-downs, thrifted, or from Ikea), but I wanted to share with you nonetheless...

The view from the front door, complete with baby and husband's foot.

Also the view from the front door.
Also the view from the front door, complete with GIGANTIC TAKING-OVER-THE-LIVING-ROOM stroller.

Front table.
The front table thingy. Full of books (mostly from the library), plants, and boxes storing CDs. And where we put our keys and mail. Organization!

The eating nook in our very small kitchen - squeezed between the fridge and the wall. But we needed more space to store food since the 'pantry' is actually outside of the kitchen. (And has become a random closet full of whatever we need to clean when people come over. Shhhh. Don't open it.) (That cookie jar on the right? Was painted by Mike and me for our third anniversary this summer!)

Cutest drying rack ever.
Baby's drying rack. I love it. So much. (from Target.)

Built-in hutch.
The built-in hutch (so much hidden storage for books and games and yoga mats and a printer. Hurrah!). Every apartment has different built-ins and I love ours! (We don't have a TV. Our iMac doubles as our TV and the wireless keyboard is our giant remote.)

My favorite chair. I squealed with delight when I saw it in Ikea's as-is section. I love this fabric.

The big comfy couch...chair.
Mike's chair of choice. Good thing the cover is washable since we have a tiny child. Who will be mobile and messy some day.

Ledges with maps over the front table. Created by Mike with a big map and some Ikea frames and ledges. He's a creative one, that boy.

Light for over the table. (The table which my grandpa made and I grew up eating at. Cute, right?)

Globe + vine.
Globe + thrifted glass + viney plant = love.

Our reading nook.
Our reading nook. And more plants. Of course. We love the green.

Gabe's bedroom has a built-in desk and shelves along one wall - which I've claimed for my sewing area. (I need to actually sew then, right?) Some of my fabric. Swoon.

A corner in Gabe's room.
A corner of Gabe's room. (Hate the wood paneling! But I'll survive.)

Gabe's lamp.
The lamp in Gabe's room. I'm not sure what animal that's supposed to be, but I adore this cute little Ikea lamp.

Gabe's canopy
Canopy over Gabe's bed - since we didn't do any cute bedding or anything, this was my (super cheap...we're talking less than $7!) way of making his crib cute. He doesn't sleep in here yet - he sleeps in our room and I don't see that changing for quite some time. (I'm lazy and don't like getting out of bed in the middle of the night. And I love having him close to us!)

Our bed.
Speaking of sleep - this is our bedroom. That thing attached to our bed? Is Gabe's co-sleeper. See how much more convenient that is than having to get out of bed in the middle of the night? It allows me to be awake for less than 15 minutes when he wakes up. So wonderful.

Bedroom curatains + grown-up vase.
I begged Mike to let us get this 'grown-up' vase from Ikea. I told him that real adults have floor vases. And it was time for us to become Real Adults.

Former coat rack turned bedroom decor.

This coat rack has found a new home - in our room - since we have a front closet now. We store out-of-season and incredibly-random things in the boxes. And those scarf-looking things are Tibetan prayer flags.

Our balcony garden.
Oh! And we have a very spacious balcony - which was home to a mini-garden this summer. Yummy herbs made our homemade pizza amazing.

So, that's it! Our apartment. Thanks for coming. :)

PS: My life has suddenly changed, but I can't write about it quite yet. And so, I tend to not write at all when that happens. I'll hopefully be able to share what's going on soon!
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