Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gabe's Giggles and Answering Questions.

First, a video. Someone asked me if Gabe laughs. Or makes noises.

So, I came home tonight and tickled him with my face.

It looks weird. Really weird. But babies like weird stuff.

Behold, Gabe at 21 weeks (nearly 5 months old), in all his hand-chewing, squawking, grabbing, giggling glory:

[insert segue to unrelated topic here] 

I get a lot of questions. About Miracle Blankets, about nursing, about barista-ing, about why I think popcorn Jelly Bellys are the best. I've decided to open the floor and see if there are any other questions out there. I'm going to answer any and all questions I get, so feel free to question away! (Please, no trolling or mean-spirited. It's completely fine if we don't agree with me, but just don't turn into a meanie because you have the anonymity of the internet. Deal?)
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