Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love...

The way cream swirls and disperses when it's poured into coffee. The sugary crumbs at the end of a box of cereal. Sneaking bits of freshly baked cookies...and cookie dough. The smell of coffee as it's grinding. Throwing handfuls of chocolate chips in everything from oatmeal to hot cocoa. The caramelly color of freshly pulled espresso shots.  Freshly toasted almonds. The first sip of coffee in the morning. Pretzel buns. Tofu cooked so well it's crunchy.

Gabe's first smiles in the morning, those "YAY! It's you guys again!" smiles. The dimples in his knees. His gummy, friendly smile. The way sometimes all he needs is to be picked up and hugged. His little bellows when he's upset. His pudgy little wrists. The way he grabs me with both hands when he's nursing. The way the older women in our building fawn over him. The dimple in his chin when he's crying. Eyelashes so long they brush my cheek when I'm holding him. How his little body gets limp as I'm rocking him to sleep. The way he stops in the middle of eating to glance up at me and grin. How words fail me when I think about how much I adore my baby.

Sunrises on the beach. Slipping into my yoga pants as soon as I walk in the door. Waking up before the rest of the world. Taking my contacts out the end of the day. Etsy sales. Cuddling in bed with my baby. Sitting cross-legged in sweatpants, huddled under a fleece blanket, playing Mario Party with my sisters in my parents' basement. Heartfelt comments on my blog posts. Curling my hair with my straightening iron. Emails from old friends. Mascaraed eyelashes. Songs that make my heart soar, like this one. Watching the snow fall quietly, beautifully in the morning.

Love notes in the morning. Coming home to a clean apartment. A scruffy beard after a relaxed weekend at home. Waiting for him to come home at the end of a long day. Catching up on our shows while we eat dinner on the couch. Working out together while Gabe plays happily on the floor of the exercise room. Hoodies with the hoods pulled up. Bear hugs. Lazy mornings spent drinking coffee. When he climbs into bed and says, "I read your blog today." The way he laughs when I try to swear. Forehead kisses. Tea, popcorn, and documentaries. Passionate conversations about Important Issues and the World. Our quiet, cozy life.
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