Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Little Nuggets.

(Including Two Videos. Yes. I have figured out how to get videos from the camera to my computer. Me: 'Hurrah!' You: Groan.)

  • Work continues to go smoothly - my favorite part is that my boss lets me set my own schedule. It works nicely, since Mike now has two days during the week with no class,  my mom only needs to watch Gabe once a week. I absolutely love that Mike is getting so much time taking care of Gabe, and think it's adorable that Gabe is so bonded with Mike.
  • Life without Twitter has been good - I've cleaned out my closet (I'm sort of doing this challenge) and my email inbox, and we're on a 3-day clean apartment streak (I know, not much. But it's progress). I feel sort of disconnected from some, but I know that spending this time un...or, less-plugged is good for my soul. And my productivity. Though, I still have a million and one things that I'm not caught up on (thank yous from Gabe's baptism, replying to emails, several design projects, Joy Equation, Indie-Business 3.0...which I may have forgot I was doing since I never got an email about it after signing up. Oops.)
  • I had the most fabulous day I could imagine. 60 degrees, an early breakfast at a cute cafe (veggie sausage, egg, and cheddar on a bagel) (it's always appropriate to talk about what you've eaten, right?) (Right! Yum.) with Gabe and Mike, baked some Italian bread, enjoyed lots of time (and soup and bread) with my lovely family, went for a sunny walk and heart-to-heart with my aunt, and ended the day at Mass with Gabe.  However, during a trip at Target this afternoon, the conundrum arose: how does one go the bathroom while out in public alone with an infant? Bring him into the stall with me? (I do this at home, but yoga pants are much easier to maneuver one-handed. Not to mention The Looks I'd be sure to get in a public restroom.) Leave him in the cart in the bathroom? Ask a stranger to hold my baby while I pee? I literally thought I was going to burst. I'd typically say to wait until I got home, but I still had an hour of church afterward. Yikes.
  • Gabe has mastered the art of scooting backwards. I'll come back into the room to find him backed up under a chair or the couch.  It's adorably hilarious. However, he's beginning to figure out how to scoot forward! It's this cute little push up action, then a little hop-scoot forward. He's even done a baby downward dog a few times. Love. (And evidence:)
  • I didn't go into much on my blog (or, anywhere, really), but when I was pregnant, we were constantly told things that might be 'wrong' with Gabe. Including: Down syndrome, 'water on the brain,' neural tube defects, and an increased risk of still birth. I brushed most of it off, thinking that the odds were on our side to have a healthy, typical baby...but I still get overwhelmed with gratitude sometimes when I'm holding my perfect, whole little baby in my arms and he smiles up at me with his perfect, sweet smile. We are so lucky.
  • Mike and were talking about how much Gabe has grown since he was born, and pulled out a tape measure to compare 'Little Gabe' (19.5 inches) to 'Big Gabe' (27 inches). Then, well...this happened:

(I'm a cruel mom, aren't I? But it's just. So. Funny.)
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