Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Vacation is Doing Nice Things with Your Grandparents.*

It's spring break.

Well, okay. Maybe winter doesn't know that it's my spring break, but it is.

To be fair, there was this a week ago:

So, we did a lot of this:

My vest is swallowing my face, Mom.

I think I'm finally nesting. Is that possible? It's probably been my most productive period of time in...oh, ever. I am practically giddy about the fact that my apartment is clean and there hasn't been a dirty dish in my sink for a week. And my bathroom counter has been spotless for days. I think I've finally figured out how to keep my apartment clean.  I've finally figured out how to clean as I go. Break. Through. This is big. BIG.

Aside from talking Mike's ear off about minimalism, getting rid of boxes worth of stuff, and reveling in the lack of clutter, we celebrated my grandpa's 71st birthday with pizza and several varieties of cakes, spent time with my sister who was home from college for the week, watched a few episodes of Portlandia, visited my other sister who recently got a job at Chipotle (yum), baked peanut butter brownies (which was more like peanut butter brownie batter...yum), and went up to Cleveland twice (where we went to our favorite coffee shop, restaurant, Trader Joe's, and a friend's - so perfect).

I took Gabe to see my midwife today, which was sort of surreal. When she saw him, she said, "It's you!" which is exactly the way I felt about him when he was born. "It's you! You're the one who was in my body for nine months! Ah-ha!"  When I sat in the chair to get my blood pressure taken (they are going to be my gynecologists now), it was like no time had passed at all. I sat on the exam table, looking at the familiar poster of labor positions and the sign that said, "The best place for a baby to grow is inside of you -- each day counts," where I had spent so much time those last few weeks before Gabe arrived, wondering what my baby would be like, what labor would be like, what being a mother would be was odd to be there with my baby - all of the wondering and uncertainty behind me. 

It was nice to see the midwife, although they all seem to want to talk about when I'll be having a baby next. Heh. I suppose it's the nature of the job?

It has been a wonderful spring break - fulfilling, relaxing, full of family, and of course, these two guys:

Belly button!
* There is a Friends quote appropriate for every occasion. TRUTH.
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