Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Design Update.

I spent a lot of time these days working on blog designs and such for my humble little business.

And. I. Love. It.

I love designing, I love working with clients, I love colors, I love textures, I love hover effects, I love favicons, I love it all!

I wanted to share some of my recent projects with you, since it's been such a big part of my life lately (as Mike said, "Didn't you quit your full-time job so you'd have more time? Now you have a full-time and part-time job!" Ha. Oops?)

The Sweets Life
The Sweets Life
Natalie has an amazing food blog, and wanted a new, brighter style. Redesigning her blog led to me making some of the most amazing brownies ever. They were devoured in .2 seconds when I took a pan to school. I'm going to have make some more for myself. Another perk of working with a food blogger? Baked goods in the mail. Woo!

Buffalo Peach
Buffalo Peach
Sarah is a fun blogger who was looking for a new look to go with her new name. I used gray and teal, with a few bright orange highlights.  Can I just say that I think her tagline is adorable?

Mom in Real Life
I'm a Mom in Real Life
Rachel is a spunky, fun, dare I say, edgy? mommy-blogger-who's-not-so-much-a-mommy-blogger. She wanted pink, a little black, and whole lot of fun. She's transitioned into being a comic blogger (is that what it's called?) and her drawings are absolutely amazing. They are cute, spunky, and fabulous - just like Rachel. (I also designed coordinating blogger business cards for her since she's lucky enough to head to Seattle soon!)

Baby Shower Thanks
The Not-Babyish Baby Thank Yous. 
Sarah is with child. Sarah is (reluctantly?) having a baby shower. Sarah wanted to coordinate her baby shower invites ('fashion mom'! hehe!) with her thank yous. Now I want to make some new thank you cards of my own. (I still haven't sent out thank yous for Gabe's baptism, oh, a month ago. Thank you cards are awesome, but the #1 procrastinated activity in my life.)

An Indian Wedding
Wedding Invite
Ankita and Vivek are quite possibly the cutest, sweetest couple ever. And funny, too! They were my first international clients, and it was such an adventure learning about Indian wedding invites (my first design was met with the response, "We're an over-the-top country!" Ha.) I had a blast working with them, and they even invited me to their wedding. (I wish! How cool would an Indian wedding be? In India!) I might just visit you guys someday, though. Beware. ;)

I'm working on more blog designs this spring, and can't wait!
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