Monday, June 27, 2011

Somewhere Between an SUV and a Smart Car.

Mommy Blogger Alert: An entire post about stroller. You've been warned. Proceed with caution.

Internet, I know you. I know you are smart and interesting and full of opinions and experiences. And I know you are helpful and stuff.  

So, I come before you today and ask for your assistance in finding a new stroller. 

See, we have two strollers and neither one is perfect for us. We have a big huge stroller which is clunky but comfy for Gabe and a tiny light stroller which is bare bones umbrella stroller. 

Big huge comfy stroller:

The bad part is, it takes up our entire trunk and is super heavy. Plus, it has a MAMMOTH footprint. I feel like I'm taking over the sidewalk/coffee shop/doorway/room when I use this thing.

Most of the time, we use our little umbrella stroller and clip our awesome diaper bag on the back. It's easy to carry and small enough to not feel like the Mom with the Giant Stroller.

Itty bitty umbrella stroller:
Asheville (22 of 40)

The bad part is: there is no storage at all, the sun shade is pathetic, and it doesn't recline (reclining is awesome when Gabe falls asleep on a walk...I can sometimes squeeze a nap out of him if I play my cards right.). Also, Mike can't push this without hunching over. (Look at me, including my husband's needs in my evaluation of a stroller. It's so selfless! And considerate!)

Since we didn't buy either of these strollers (hand-me-down and gift yay!), I've decided that we if we can find our perfect stroller, we'll splurge and buy one.

- less than $100...okay, $150 (big spenderrrs)
- cup holders (allowing for caffeine containment)
- not heavy or unwieldy (allowing for my pathetic upper body strength)
- reclining seat
- basket storage (I have books to get from the library and a vegetables from the farmer's market, like a good little hippie yuppie.)
- tall enough for Mike (he also adds, "I should be able to throw it 20 feet." Mmm kay.)
- legit sunshade

So basically the pros of both our strollers with none of the cons. Not unreasonable at all, right?

If you're reading this and think, Oh! My stroller sounds like that! Please PLEASE tell me. Please.

If you're reading this and think, Oh! I have a lot of time at work and nothing to do! Perhaps I shall scour the internet and read reviews. Please. Please do.
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