Monday, April 7, 2008

Make It Work, People

[Note: I'm having a pretty terrible day. But I don't want to write about and dwell on it, because I'm pretty sure that would just make things worse. Thank God for awesome coworkers who listen and care, that's all I can say. Just wanted to warn you in case I come off as really a little moody. ;)]

Something that has really been bugging me lately is....Why is our culture so car-centric?

I’ve written before about how Mike and I choose to just have one car for the both of us. Sure, it makes life a little more difficult. We have to have creative solutions for getting to and from work. (Okay, really, who am I kidding? I drive to work and drop Mike off. He walks home. So really, he just has to sacrifice and I get to be a fat, happy American.) But besides work and an occasional conference or fishing trip, we pretty much do everything (dinners, grocery shopping, day trips, etc. Wait. hahaha! day trips!? Not so much.) together. If need be, I contact a coworker to give me a ride to work so Mike can use the car for the day. Or Mike takes me to work and someone else takes me home.

Bottom line: We can make it work. (I love Tim Gunn with all my heart. Sigh.)

But when Mike started searching for a new job, I questioned our One Car Philosophy. Was he limited by having to find a close job? Maybe we should just get a cheap little clunker just to get him to and from a job? Wouldn't that be worth it so Mike had more mobility?

He sure set me straight: "What about the other costs of a car? Oil changes? New tires? Flushing transmission fluid? Tune ups? Parking passes? Plus, we'd totally drive more, because we could each drive where ever we want."

Uh, okay. Good points. Sometimes, that boy makes me so proud. :)

PS: For an awesome website, check out Walk Score. My goal is to live somewhere I can walk A LOT. For health reasons and for sanity reasons. If I'm ever a stay at home mom, I want to see other people outside and be able to walk lots of places during the day!


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