Friday, May 16, 2008

Wanted: Silver Linings. Apply Within.

Yesterday was perhaps the most insane day of my young life.

I'm not being dramatic.

My work, as you may know, is a wee bit crazy. It came to a head yesterday in a messy, explosive confrontation. There were multiple people crying, excessive finger pointing and blaming, multiple expletives, several instances of angrily storming out, some yelling, some personal insults, and a break down or two. We dealt with issues of cancer, race, age, and respect. I am still processing it, but whew. Exhausting to say the least.

In light of the insanity amongst staff members, I figured I'd remind myself what I love about this job. (The kids! They're so funny! So sweet! So wonderful!)

Operation Silver Lining. Commence.
1. So the kids aren't over my appearance yet. Nope. Here's an exchange from this week.

They asked me if I had a scar from a mouth surgery when I was three.

Me: No, you guys, that was 20 years ago. It's healed.
Kid 1: What? You're 23? You look like you're 15!
Kid 2: I was gonna say 20.
Kids: 17! No, 16! No, 20! No, 15!
Amused, I grab a little square of paper and start writing their guesses down.
Kid 1: Shh, you guys! She's writing in her little paper diary!
Me: (sarcastic) Oh yeah. 'Dear diary, the kids are work are being sooooo mean to me!'
Kids: (reassuring me) Oh, Ms. Ashley, sorry! You should be happy. Yeah, you'll be glad when you get older. Yeah, trust me, you'll be glad.

(Trust YOU? You're 10 years old. What do you know about being old and looking young!?)

Complete this saying, "April shower bring ____ ______."
* "lots of flowers and fruit"
* "late rain"
* "[kid's name]"
* "spring flowers" <-- CLOSE! No one knew the saying. It wasn't as bad as last year when I asked them the original lyrics to "Do yo' chain hang low?" and NO ONE had heard the song "Do your ears hang low?" 3. The kids didn't know that Will Smith was a singer. Nope, they only thought he was an actor. I was all, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It, you guys!!" but they wouldn't have any of it. Oh, and Usher? Is "so old school." Wha-ha?

4. I'm the second coolest teacher at work, according to the kids. After I asked them what they say about me behind my back, since they were imitating some of the other teachers (so! hard! not to laugh, they were spot on. It was amazing.). They assured me that, "You're cool, Ms. Ashley!" "Yeah, you're really cool."

And after I told them I had a bad day, they gave me hugs and wanted to hear all about it. And even quieted each other down, saying, "Y'all, Ms. Ashley had a bad day! Shh, let her talk!"I know I'm not supposed to be their best friend, or even care whether I'm liked. But, it's nice that they do.

Also, in happy, light-hearted news: THE OFFICE! Season finale! Sooo great. It was action packed - babies, proposals, thwarted proposals, arrests, art school acceptances, and cheating!

I hope Holly stays, she's a wonderful addition. And I think my heart leaped with happiness when she and Michael spoke Yoda talk to each other. HOW ADORABLE!? She's very cute. And so sweet.

Poor Toby. (I was definitely surprised when Pam said he's cute! I wonder if she'll run off to Costa Rica with him?)

The Kevin joke?! Best thing ever - it's funny to see how much his personality fits with being "slow" (I don't know how to put that delicately...)

I totally called that PB&J wouldn't get engaged (and now I win a bet. Yummy Thai food, here I come!). I think Pam is going to have second thoughts since Jim didn't propose yet. As my friend said, "She's going to be female and over think this."

Do you think Jim will get offered Ryan's job? Isn't there an Office spin off in the fall? Does anyone know what it's going to be about?

This is becoming so much more than a mere comedy show - it's a soap opera! :)

I've heard from lots of people that I look a bit like Pam. Whaddya think?


  1. Ok, maybe not Pam, but a less-freckly version of the girl who played Punky Brewster, Soleil Moon Frye (what? She was on a recent repeat of Friends!). I love your jacket and necklace in that picture!

  2. I think you're a little Pam-esque. But with better hair ;-)

    So I think Pam's going to run off to school in NYC before Jim proposes, they're going to get in a huge 5-episode fight, she's going to meet another guy, and by the time she gets back to Scranton everything will be patched up... but we won't see a ring on her finger until next season's finale.

  3. Ouch the work fight sounds bad, glad it's over and people are recovering.

    Office was amazing. I was bummed about no JAM engagement so I hope this doesn't drive a wedge. He needs to finish "manning up" and do it.

    I'm posting my thoughts tonight if you're interested. I was freaking out right before it started from excitement.

  4. I am so sorry you had such a horrible day. Rise above it darling!

    Yes, you do look like Pam and I said the same thing! Jim will take Ryan's job and he and Pam will live Happily Every After in NY!

  5. I feel for ya. We had our office race blow-up on Halloween. It was horrible and to this day there's still a lot of tension in the department. Awful, isn't it?

    Oh, those kids. Bless those little pole-dancer-imitators' hearts. :)

    I don't know anything about The Office! But I have a good excuse called grad school. My sister is a fan, though--don't try to make any plans with her on a Thursday (so at least now I know what night it's on!). The radio talk show I listen to in the morning has had the actress who plays Pam call in to the show and she is really nice. Someday I will get up to speed, I hope.

  6. I know! I know! April showers bring May flowers! LoL

    Those kids sure are cute :) Yay for being the 'cool' teacher!

  7. i see a little pam in you for sure.

    and those kids would be the best part of my job (if i had yours), too!


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