Saturday, July 5, 2008

Arrived Safely. Just In Time to Be Patriotic.

After a wonderful day of driving a UHaul through pouring rain, my family met us in Cleveland to help us unpack.

Family's great, aren't they?

{Sadly, we don't have Internet at our new house. (I KNOW! Totally going to see how we can get that fixed.) But in the meantime, I'm at my parent's house using Internet and saying goodbye to my sister who's moving to Colorado this week. Stupid sister.}

After unpacking, we took our UHaul back (good riddance!) And when we asked where restaurants where, this man welcomed us to the city - "It's a great city!" He pointed us in the direction of Coventry, telling us "it's a real nice place - you can walk around and don't have to worry about anybody begging from you or mugging you. You're gonna absolutely love it."

Right. Something I always look for: the absence of being mugged when eating dinner.

Coventry was absolutely adorable and delicious little Korean-Japanese-Thai restuarant. We even got an entirely vegetarian meal - never say my dad doesn't make sacrafices! (My dark haired sister, mom, Mike and I are vegetarians. Booyah.)

The sweet potato tempura sushi and skinny maki sushi were A-MAZE-ING.

Mom and sister both have high school IDs. For the same high school. Neither go to the school. How cute are they?

After dinner, we explored the cute neighborhood. It was full of unique shops, which is always awesome.
When we took this picture, a man yelled: "Yeah, girls!" Uh, huh. These are two of my sisters. The littlest youngest one is in Mexico.

I decided to run for President of Texas. They told be I could only be Governor. Good enough!

After the grown ups left, (Or, okay, my parents. I guess we're all grown ups. Whatever.) we spent some time assembling Ikea furniture. I cannot get enough of Ikea.

Nice work, guys. I'm going to continue struggling to put together these stupid DVD boxes.

We wanted some ice cream, but by 11:30pm, not many places were open. (Whole Foods, WHY AREN'T YOU OPEN 24 HOURS!?)

So, we found this exciting place:
Hagan Daz mango sorbet, peanut butter m&ms, and Fruity Pebbles. A healthy midnight snack.

What? We couldn't find the spoons....or, the bowls.

Fruity Pebbles taste better when eaten off a wooden spoon.

We came down to Akron yesterday, for some patriotic madness. Like, giving a 10 month old a lighter to play with:

The rest of my pictures of a boys "axing down trees" (with a stick), catching lightening bugs, sparklers, throwing sticks on our bonfire, shoving each other into the sand, and telling me they want to "hit da peeple on der heads" were swallowed up in my SD card. I'm so sad, but trust me when I say: These boys are CUTE. (There were 10 little boy cousins there. TEN. It was grand.)

It's been great. Welcome back to north east Ohio! :)


  1. Yay first one to comment! Glad you made it there safely and your family was able to help you unpack. They're great like that. Walgreens 24 hours is amazing and technically cups and soup spoons work to eat with too.

    Personally I only go to places for dinner where I don't have to worry about being mugged. Such a plus.

  2. I love Walgreens almost as much as I love Target. Almost.

  3. Cute pics!! I hate moving with UHauls, that's the worst!

  4. You made it! It should be illegal for your mom to look as young as her daughters. :)

    Haven't quite warmed up to Walgreens yet; they're kind of new around my neck of the woods. But they do make Snapfish prints for pickup so that's a plus.

  5. I am so happy that you made it safe.... Congrats and I can't wait to hear more about it....

  6. why is mighk wearing a sweater in cleveland in july?

    blogging -both writing on one and reading those of others- is addicting. you made me an addict. it is your fault. you better at least get some recipes out of the deal.

  7. cute pictures - looks like a TON of fun!
    glad your move was safe and you got to spend time with your family! =)

  8. I am SO happy that y'all made it safely and that there are totally cute pictures here! Hooray for all those!

    I hope you had a lovely time with your fam!

  9. Wow. It seems like you're already having a blast. It's great to hear that you're having such a great time.

  10. Ashley needs to get her internet access back! We miss her.


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