Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hi! Can't Talk! Bye!

After the awesome big, bad, blog swap experience, I've been away from my computer lots more than usual. Why, you ask?

Maybe you haven't heard? We're moving to CLEVELAND. TOMORROW. (!)

And we're packing - which actually translates as me being anxious: "We need more boxes! Mike, we're never going to finish all this in time! Ack! Two days!!" As Mike, in his adorable yet at-times-aggravatingly-relaxed laid-back way, sees nothing to worry about. (Although he did admit yesterday that I had been doing 75% of the packing. SEVENTY FIVE! Ha! See, anxiety procures results, people!)

Except, packing always seems to make it MORE messy before it gets clean. As evidenced by the following:


After. (Get off the phone and help me!! Just kidding, I love you. Mwah.)

After I pack up a room, I'm always plagued by all the little things that SEEM important, yet are annoying and I have no box to put them in. STUPID LITTLE THINGS! Like: Do we haul candles across the state that are three-fourths used up? What about random pens and pencils and a digital camera that I dropped and is broken but COULD BE FIXED?!

Oh, Lord. Somebody get me off this computer - no one cares about this. I don't even care about this.

(Although! In assertive news: I told the Uhaul people that I am NOT driving an hour to pick up a truck, mister! So you can cancel my reservation if that will be the case. And promptly was given a BIGGER truck for the same price only 20 minutes away. Score.)

Seeing LOTS of people has been tons of fun. I saw four college friends Monday, and we had a trouple ice cream date last night. So I'll leave you with this: attempting to pretend I like cigars and blurrily pretending I'm driving an adorable Vespa:

This picture cracks me up: BIG HUGE CHIN, tiny little hand. Bwahahaha. I know it's perpective or whatever. But, still.

Bye! See you in a few days!


  1. was just in Cleveland the other day!!! I'm very excited for you!

  2. Yay for assertiveness! good luck with the move!

  3. Ugh, that would make me totally anxious too ...and my husband is soooooooo slow ...I guess that's why opposites attract. But still, I wanna yell COME ON ALREADY!

    good luck with your move.

  4. good luck on your trip!!! i'm super excited for you to move here.

    email me and ill give you my cell once you get settled and i can give you the nickel tour!!

  5. i AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! i HOPE YOU HAVE A great MOVE!! I'll miss you the next few days.....

  6. Loads of people are moving at the moment! Another blogger just moved and I finished moving today - Hurrah!! Awaiting arrival of a bed but other than that all done! Hope yours goes well also!

  7. Packing = insanity. I ended up doing most of the packing when we last moved (although, this was due mostly to my OCD) and it made me never, ever want to move. Ever again. You don't realize just how much STUFF you have until you have to pack it into a limited amount of boxes! Gah!

    Good luck moving - I'm sure Cleveland will be lovely. And it's always fun to decorate when you get all moved in!

    Aaaadorable photo of you on the Vespa. Stop being so cute. Stop it, I say!

  8. Holy cow. Good luck with the move! I hate moving and all the boxes but good for you for sticking up for yourself. Let us know when you're settled.

  9. Cute photo!

    I used to have that exact same rug in my master bedroom of my house in Arkansas. Good minds think alike!

  10. Best of luck with the move!!!

  11. Best wishes for a smooth move! And YES on the assertiveness.

  12. Good luck! I hope everything went smoothly!

  13. Wow. I hope that everything goes well. I can't wait to hear about it.

  14. just remember to keep your sense of humor throughout it all!

    and of course, GOOD LUCK! and happy moving!!


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