Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Said I Didn't Post Too Many Pictures...

..Maybe this post will change your mind. :)

This past weekend, Mike surprised me with a trip to Dayton. (If you're not playing along - that's where we lived last year, where we met, where I went to college - we moved in July.)

We stayed in a bed and breakfast in this historic neighborhood...

Oregon district.
...and soaked up the fall colors.

The amazing hanging chairs in the living room. I LOVED THESE THINGS. Seriously.

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner with tons of friends at our favorite restaurant in Dayton.
Wittle babee.
And surprise! I got to meet our friends' 16-day-old baby for the first time. I adore little babies (I know, I know - who doesn't?) but this only convinced me further that I am not quite ready to have one of these in my life 24/7...But his little body was so snuggly. Mmm.

After going to our favorite farmer's market on Saturday, we met Tim at the river to watch him lead some kayaking. Somehow, we wound up getting sweet talked onto a canoe. (I had some bad memories of the last time we went on the water with Tim.)
Thumbs up!

Mike proving his prowess as a rowing champ.

Tim is reaaally excited.

Maybe because he knows how exciting it will be...
Launching canoe: Fail. Somehow we fell into the water while launching. And Tim and I were soaking. SOAKING, I tell you. I did not actually want to try again, because I'm a wimp and being wet in 50 degree weather is cold. But I sucked it up, because I didn't want to be a wet blanket (pun totally intended).

After drying off wringing out, we successfully re-launched.
I didn't have to paddle. It was great. Instead, I was free to tightly grip the sides of the canoe and scream at Mike and Tim to "stop rocking to boat!" and insist "It's NOT FUNNY!" because I was scared we were going to tip again. We did not.

Sunday morning, we ate brunch at the most amazing restaurant ever in Yellow Springs (our favorite little hippie town!).
We also had a Dave Chapelle siting at brunch. I never even liked his comedy, but it always thrills me to see a famous person in the wild.

It was a glorious weekend.

Oh, and PS: here's my make up pouch - I used it this weekend it was the perfect size! Although Mike and our roommate pointed out that it resembles the Hollister logo. I don't much care for Hollister. (Sorry, Hollister - your clothes are just overpriced and too teenager-y for me.)
Makeup pouch.
I think I'll do a blog post to show you how it was made. :)

PPS: I made a vlog for Worth it Wednesday since it's 20SB video day. (NOT VLOG. Never vlog. I'm sorry, trendy internet people, but I will never say vlog.) I can't find my camera cord, but I will hopefully post it later tonight. That's right, I'll be one of those bloggers who posts more than once a day. Stone me now.


  1. hehe You are so cute and I really like your new header. I really need to do something about mine. I've had it for a while and since I changed the background it doesn't fit. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.

  2. Teach me how to post movies from my Imovie and I will "vlog" UGH too! hahha!

  3. the "success" pic seems to perfectly sums up your weekend. that's a really great picture.

    i was little afraid of what the caption would be for the hanging chairs in the lobby (LOL) it looked like it could have passed for something else ;-)

    love the header!

  4. I love your makeup bag!

    And the checkbook cover you just posted on twitpics.

  5. oh ashley, the trip looks FABULOUS.

    and no, somehow, i don't think i'll ever get tired of your picture-heavy posts. the photos are too cute to not like.

    i ADORE the chairs by the way. they look like the comfiest things ever.

  6. Mmm, that breakfast looks amazing!

    & you look beautiful, even in a life jacket!!

  7. Love the new header but those hanging chairs are kind of odd. Are they really comfortable?

  8. I like your new header! ..also the chairs in the living room are great ...I sat in them at the Renaissance Fair once ....I could have just fallen asleep right there, they were so comfy. also, you are adorable! :) love the pics.

  9. Wow! That shot of the B&B is so beautiful! Love the trees!

    @thatshortchick Ok, I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering about those chairs! ha.

    Yummm that brunch looks delish! I want some! Let's do breakfast!

    Glad you had a wonderful bday weekend!

    And your wallet is ADORABLE!

  10. gooooooo dayton flyers. and you know i heart yellow springs : )

  11. Oh man, that baby made me gasp out loud with the cute tininess! I'm sorry your vlog didn't work out, but I very much enjoyed all of the fun pictures!!

  12. those chairs look amazing and your make up bag is adorable! i love it.

  13. My mind didn't change. I love seeing all the pictures!!

  14. Ahh LOVELY photos. Of the colours, of the make up bag and of the baby! So cute.

  15. I'm super impressed that you got back in the water because that would have been it for me!

  16. Famous person "in the wild" haha! What a fun weekend!

  17. Aww, yay! I adore the fall-y colors and wish they were here already.

    Looks like y'all had a great time on the water despite the launching fail.

  18. That food looks amazing! I've barely been able to eat lately and would love to have some breakfast food!

  19. How cool is that chair?! I need one.

  20. holy crap those chairs look sooo amazing!!!

  21. It looks like you had such a good weekend! I love that chair too. So cool!

  22. lovely blog
    it has got wat it takes to attract people browsing the web
    keep it up

  23. i am right there with you on "vlogging." Will never catch me saying it!


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