Friday, May 15, 2009

Things You Don't Want to Hear in an Interview...

As job hunting, cover letters, and resumes have taken my life captive, let's just continue the fixation!

A few things you so don't want to hear in an interview (but I totally did):
  • "You have no experience to speak of..."
  • "Well, if we start you off at the really low end of the pay scale..."
  • "...there are other candidates who have WAY more experience than you."
  • "It would sort of be a risk to hire you..."
  • "There are 1,000 high school students you would be in charge of. And there are middle school students, too."
  • "Would the daily [45-minutes-each-way-with-no-traffic] commute be a problem?"
(In full disclosure, these were usually accompanied with things like, "We love your personality" and "You have so much passion and energy." But STILL.)

At least my next few weeks are so jam-packed I won't even have a chance to think about my impending poverty!

This weekend: Two bridal showers and a graduation party. Plus, seeing my sisters. Yay!
May 19-27: El Paso, Texas for a border awareness trip! (No more Mexico, for obvious reasons.)
May 29-June 5: Myrtle Beach for a beach vacation. Totally looking forward to sunshine, waves, and my new bikini.
June 6: A's wedding back in Cleveland!

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  1. I think a great personality plus passion and energy can be even more important than experience! Because with your awesome attitude, I know that whatever task you're given, you'll take it on and give it your all. And having a super personality like you is so important with working with others, especially kids.

    I know a job is going to work out for you. Hope you find the job that's the perfect fit for you!

    Can't wait to hear when you land the job!

    Oooh Myrtle Beach sounds like so much fun! You are going to be a busy little social butterfly! Take lots of pictures! I want to hear about your adventures!

  2. Just being able to land an interview speaks volumes about you. You will find something soon, darling. xo

  3. Interviews can be really brutal at times! Recharge and re-fortify your soul with your family & friends. :)

  4. Exciting! I'll be in Myrtle Beach June 4-7! (Won't be getting there until late on the 4th, though.)

  5. Stay positive! Before I landed my current job, I sent a follow-up email to chairperson to confirm that they had received my resume and that I was available for an interview at any time (etc.), and she replied, "So, you don't have any actual teaching experience, correct?" Then I got the job anyway. Something like "it would be a risk hiring you" or "if we start you off at the low end," means they're considering it :)

    Good luck!

  6. God, interviews can be so awful (I say that as the one who DOES the interviewing, haha).

    But, you'll land something. You're amazing!!

  7. I agree with whomever said that a great personality and energy can be more important than experience. I know I would prefer that over a ton of experience. Hopefully they can see that :) Good luck!

  8. I agree with everyone here about personality being more important than experience. For my new job they tried to lower my pay because of experience, so I countered with taking the lower pay for 3 months and then being increased up after that period. It gives them a safety net when you're learning and then you get paid what you should be paid when you have that experience under your belt. Might be worth a try!

  9. Hey, at least you GOT interviews. That's better than just submitting all your stuff and never hearing back from a potential firm. (:

    I love how much fun stuff you have coming up for you! SO exciting!

  10. I would say that as long as they're saying good things at the same time as the less positive things, at least they're still considering you! I hope you find something absolutely fantastic and completely fulfilling :)

  11. Wow, I have heard some of those things but not all of them! That's crazy. I have heard "so you don't really have any relevant experience?" And I had to answer, "sort of"

  12. Interviews can be so hard, but the fact that people recognize your energy and passion really says something. I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit soon!

  13. I'm sorry things haven't been going exactly as you hoped, but you're such a superstar, I know it will all work out soon.



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