Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joyful Star - an Etsy shop update.

New Etsy banner!
Latest Etsy Goodies.
Second column from top: maroon and mint - a perfect pair. your name here - custom business card envelope. pears and apples - a quilted reusable coffee sleeve. owls and swirls - a quilted reusable coffee sleeve. big rose post earrings in aquamarine.

I've been busy trying to give my shop a little bit of a makeover - new banner, new packaging, and lots of new products! I also created a new pattern for my reusable coffee cup sleeves - I taught myself how to quilt and they now have snap closures:

My creation
I can tell how impressed you are with my quilting skills.

With only five more weekends until Christmas (wait. what?), I look forward to spending a lot more time hunched over my sewing machine...Oy! I'm so not ready for Christmas!

(But, oh, I so am.)


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