Friday, February 6, 2009

{FAQ 9} More about Kids, Being a Teachers's Pet, Wedding Pictures, and Cameras.

CPA Su: do you plan on having children? If so, how many?

I sort of covered this with Ev'Yan question. Yes, and maybe 4? I have no real idea until I start having them and see what it's like. (Although I read mommy blogs like crazy and am always surrounded by children and babies - so I have a vague idea of how difficult it is!)

Wishcake: 1. What is your favorite song at this moment in time?

"Come On Get Higher"by Matt Nathanson. He was recently on the campus of the university where I work. I missed the concert. He also has a fabulous Pandora station.

(I sing this song all the time, and Mike always calls me a pothead. I make a face at him.)

2. What is something you would try/do if you had the guts?

What a difficult question! Probably try moving somewhere completely new again. When I moved to Hawaii for four months and was thousands of miles away from anyone I knew - it was huge opportunity for growth and independence and so exciting. Although, I've really enjoyed living so close to my family this year, after several years of living 24 hours (by PLANE!) away from them. And when we start having kids - it would be so nice to have family nearby.

If I had the money to fly back home more than once a year, I'd like to try living in Portland or Seattle, I think. I'd love to move south for the weather, but I don't know if I could handle the Deep South. :) Honolulu would be nice, too, if it didn't cost a trillion billion dollars to live there.

3. What is something you think you're exceptionally good at?

Aside from talking to kids, which isn't really a skill - school. Like, I'm really, really good at it. I've always aced school - studying, memorizing, writing, test taking. My teachers in college and high school always prodded me to major in their subject because they thought I excelled at it.

Because I rocked papers, tests, and teachers loved me - I never thought about the career aspect of school. Just the school part - getting a 4.0, studying for tomorrow's test, writing the 10 page paper due Friday this afternoon (I am also good at procrastinating.).

Being good at school doesn't necessarily set a person up to excel at a job or career, which I'm slowly coming to terms with. It takes a whole different set of skills to excel at a career.

Renee: Can we see some of your fave wedding pictures? Can you come over and play? Or go for coffee? Or just teach me to be as cool as you?

Renee - I was just thinking the other day about some my blogging BFFs that lived close enough to actually have a chance of meeting. (This may or may not result from my utter and totally jealousy of this.) And I TOTLALLY thought of you. I'd love to go for coffee. :) Mega bus, anyone?

My favorite formal wedding photo is definitely this. I love all of those people so much it makes my heart hurt.

The best part of our wedding wasn't love, committment, or ceremonies. Nope. It was having all the people I love to pieces in one place at one time. (I still can't believe Eileen wasn't there. Although we called her the morning as we were getting ready. It was sad.)

My favorite photos from the day aren't the professional ones, though. They aren't the posed, the planned, the polished. They aren't pictures of Mike and I gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. They are blurry, grainy, and imperfect - but full of loved ones.

Grandma and Dominic.
My grandma is wearing slippers on the dance floor and rocking one of my cousins. She's so maternal and comforting - this picture just makes me happy.

Aunt Julia and Little Surfer Boy.
My little Aunt Julia is dancing with one of my California surfer boy cousins. Everyone danced. It was great.

My brother and some cousins from Virginia and California hanging out on the edge of the stage. Too cool to dance.

Bubble + Tunnel of Love.
Going through a tunnel made by bridesmaids and groomsmen, surround by family, friends and bubbles. And calla lilies. Mmm.

For more of my favorite pictures, see this post.

Vanessa Ann: what kind of camera do you have? and, what kind of camera do you recommend?

I have this camera - which is just meh in my opinion. I loved my Samsung point-and-shoots waaay more. The pictures regularly turned out really well and the camera was light.

I recently bought a computer and expensive design software, so I won't be getting my dream DSLR camera anytime soon. I'm not sure what you need a camera for - but a Canon Rebel DSLR is great for beginners!

Just a note, as well - I think the editing process of photos can make a meh photo look much, much better. Keep that in mind! :)

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  1. Great photos! It looks like you really had a great time... I know too many brides who were too busy that day to actually enjoy their wedding day.

    My friends had a Matt Nathanson song as their wedding song... and he actually came to sing it (and others) the night before at the pre-wedding dinner! It was awesome!

  2. I am completely swooning over your wedding pictures! They're so beautiful.

    Aww. I want to wear a wedding dress. :]

  3. Cute pictureessss! :) Dang, I hated my Samsung point and shoot..I mean really, it was the worst. I love Our new Canon (its the 880 though).

  4. I read mommy blogs like crazy too and I'm no where near having kids anytime soon. Whatever, dooce and amalah are hilarious.

  5. Sometimes I see or go to a wedding and i'm not very jealous at all that I didn't have a real wedding but yours?? I"M DYING wishing I could have a bash like yours!! It looks like you had a BLAST and i love that!! you were a gorgeous bride btw!!
    These FAQ posts are SO fun!!!
    Also? I have a mad crush on Matt Nathanson.

  6. I linked to your post in my Friday Five today, Ashley! Also, I have been enjoying Matt Nathanson--I can still remember the first time I heard him, last year: sitting in my car at work, at lunchtime (probably studying), and as the public radio station is playing his song, I'm thinking, "Who IS this?" Glad many other people have caught on. ;)

  7. Your wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful--what a fabulous time you must have had!

    Great answers!

  8. Beautiful pictures, and my goodness how many questions were you asked?? =)

  9. Popping over via those corwins!

    Cute blog..I know what you mean about the wedding pics!

  10. Loved your pictures! I'm a Mommy Blog fanatic too. When I read them sometimes I feel like I'm reading a novel about somebody's life!

  11. Loved your pictures! I'm a Mommy Blog fanatic too. When I read them sometimes I feel like I'm reading a novel about somebody's life!

  12. I've missed reading your blog! So excited that I'm back!

    I'm loving the wedding photos. I seriously think my favorite ones, whenever I get married, will be the impromptu ones. Those are the best, and yours made me smile SO much!

  13. wow... 4 kids - i give you credit!!! i used to want that many, now I want to try 1 and see how it goes!!

  14. I love the photos you chose! Very reflective of what is important to you.

  15. I love Matt Nathanson! I can listen to Come on Get Higher 40 times in a row. Only then might I actually get tired of it. I think I have a thing for guys singing to or about women. It's nice.

    AND, I read mommy blogs alot. I am going to be the most over-prepared mom on the planet. It's a bit much. :)

    Those wedding pics are beautiful!

  16. Your kids are going to be the cutest! You will be the sweetest lil gang!

    Love your wedding photos! They're so fun and full of life! I bet you guys all had a blast! And you looked so beautiful!

    Lovin your grandma's slippers! She rocks!


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