Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Green Goodness

Air-dry laundry
Buy organic dairy
• Buy soap in bar form
Clean with baking soda and vinegar
Cook from scratch
• Dispose of electronics properly
Don’t buy non-recyclable plastic
Drink organic, fair trade coffee
Eat local
Eat vegetarian
Flush selectively
Frequent the farmer's market
Frequent the public library
• Live small
No paper towels
Only use 1 car
• Recycle all possible materials
Reuse produce bags
Reuse Ziploc bags
• Ride the bus/public transit
• Sew
Shower less than everyday
Sign up for a CSA
Teach kids about the environment
• Use a Diva Cup
Use a French press
Use a wonderful travel mug
• Use biodegradable dish soap
Use biodegradable laundry detergent
Use CFLs, duh
Use cloth and/or recycled TP
Use cloth shopping bags
Use shower water to flush toilet
• Wash clothes on cold cycle
• Wash only full loads


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